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Success Stories
Scott Cook

Scott is a gentleman who has been coming to the Aqua Ability Program since the summer of 2011. Scott had a typical childhood until the age of 11 when he had his first stroke. It was discovered that he had a brain malformation and after 3 more stroke before the age of 24 Scott eventually had the malformation removed from his brain, all of which resulted in right sided hemiplegia to his arm and leg, and paralysis of the left side of his face. Scott has undergone multiple hours of physical, occupational and speech therapies to help improve his function and mobility; however he does require the use of a wheelchair and assistance for standing. Since day one, Scott has shown determination and “never say quit” attitude.

Water Circle

His main focus has been on increasing movement in his right arm with half of his visit focusing on this goal. Since starting Scott’s ability to use the muscles in his right side has improved measurably. Scott is such a hard worker that when told he is doing a good job he replies with “there is still room for improvement” which is his mindset to help keep his motivation.

An area that has been indirectly improved is Scott’s self-esteem and sense of independence. Coming to Aqua Ability allows Scott an opportunity to have fun, be social and also make friends. The benefit to Scott is that he can make slow and steady, consistent progress and not be required to follow an enforced time limit. Scott hopes to continue coming to Aqua Ability for years to come.