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Aqua-AbilityOur Aqua Ability Program is a combination of therapy, water exercise, adaptive swimming lessons, and individual and group water programs for better health, mobility, and psychosocial well-being. Aqua Ability is designed for people with developmental or acquired disabilities including cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, orthopedic limitations, hearing and vision impairments, Autism spectrum of disorders, Down syndrome, and intellectual disabilities.

Our therapists evaluate each participant and set individual goals for:

  • exercise time
  • skill development
  • daily living activities
  • improvement in health and fitness

Regular progress reports are sent to the participant's physician.

Sessions are held in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall at three locations in the greater St. Louis area. Each session runs for 10 weeks. Visits are scheduled for 30 or 45 minutes of water time based on the needs or age of the participant. To sign up or for more information, call our Client Services Associate at (636) 896-0999 extension 21.

Funding for the Aqua Ability Program is available through the Developmental Disabilities Resources Board of St. Charles County, Community Opportunities for People with Developmental Disabilities, Department of Mental Health and other corporations and foundations.

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