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What Is A Barrier?

A barrier is anything that interferes with or blocks someone from doing something she wants or needs to do. A barrier for someone with a disability can be something as simple as a long walk from the parking lot or as complex as needing assistance in the locker room or pool. Barriers can prevent a physically challenged person from participating in a program of fitness, exercise and rehabilitation. Barriers commonly found at most exercise facilities include:

  • Doors: Too many heavy doors between the entrance and the pool and exercise areas.
  • Locker Rooms: Lack of privacy and no room to maneuver a wheelchair between lockers and benches.
  • American Disabilities Act: Even newer, ADA-compliant facilities are often functionally inadequate and impractical.
  • Lack of Trained Personnel: No trained attendants for those who need help in the locker rooms and pool deck areas. Not enough trained staff who understand medical conditions.
  • Lack of Adequate Equipment: Too few or no transfer lifts in locker rooms or pool deck areas, or equipment that is too difficult to use or involves embarrassing exposure.
  • Water Temperature: Too cold to be therapeutic.
  • Time: Classes are offered only at odd times or are discouragingly difficult.
  • Isolation: A sense of being treated differently, or of not fitting in with others.
  • Architecture: Poorly designed buildings create more disability. Most buildings are not designed with mobility issues as a priority. Until you have a physical impairment or work with someone who does, you don't realize the additional barriers caused by poor design.

How Do I Sign Up For Aqua Ability?

Sign-up is easy. Here's what to do:

  1. Call Kathleen at (636) 896-0999 extension 21. She'll send you forms to complete and discuss funding possibilities.
  2. Complete the forms and return them to our office as soon as possible. We'll get you involved as soon as openings are available.
  3. When an opening becomes available, we'll call you and arrange your initial interview.
  4. We'll send you a letter to let you know your swim time and session location.
  5. Participate in the session and have FUN!

Who Do I Refer?

Anyone with a developmental or acquired disability.

Money, Transportation, Or Scheduling Is A Problem -- What Can I Do?

Call our office and speak to Kathleen. She'll work with you regarding the above issues. We take into consideration your wishes regarding swim times; however, we CANNOT GUARANTEE a specific day or time until our client roster is completed for each session.

Do You File Claims With Insurance Companies?

No. At this time, we are not participating providers with any insurance company.

May I Participate In More Than One Session Of Aqua Ability?

After you are accepted into the Aqua Ability Program, you are automatically included in the upcoming sessions. You will not need to go through the enrollment process again. However, if you wish to discontinue the program or would like to participate in only specific sessions, please contact Kathleen as soon as possible.

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